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A Transmedia project

Faces is a transmedia entertainment project structured into four digital platforms to be daily refreshed with both fiction and real life contents. Experiences and artwork spread and playable in the real world will be added, over time, to the digital tale.
The story tells you about a bizarre group of friends  from all over the world linked together  to protect an enchanting Galician natural oasis. Who they are, what they do and how will the public interact with them to support their efforts? These big questions will find an answer on screens and between the community of Faces’ friends.




He is like a machine: he’s never tired. He has a child’s look and a never ending curiosity. Anything might amaze him, but if you want to see him sleeping, give him a book. He is noisy, intrusive, sometimes he can be regrettable for his excessive frankness, but, as a matter of fact, you will never get bored by him and the reality is that behind his insolence there’s just his limit of not to be able to get used to conventions and social rules. He is completely crazy about Charifa.


Charifa is an extremely trendy Algerian girl. She wears with a total casualness clothes and accessories giving her a precise look with a bit of ethnic. She is a role model for the group and she always has a viewpoint. Charifa has an inseparable mate: an instrument, a Laud she got from her father. She strongly believes in need of protecting the environment, but sometimes she is in trouble because she looks a bit pedantic……


She’s Charifa’s sister. She’s so quiet that the other guys often forget about her.


He is a French environmentalist. He has a deep knowledge of every single little organism being it from water or on the land. He is a proud and enthusiastic defender of nature. Every single particle of his body fights to defend this strip of land from inevitable human greed. His inability to solve any practical problem is proverbial, matched only by his passion for nature.


She is Swedish woman full of passion, always unable to stay. She is here to take care of administration but the role does not fit her. She is skilled in any possible sport under the sun and always drags the guys into extreme activities.


The German cook is a hardcore vegetarian. He is a real passionate for for potatoes and he is able to cook them in many different ways, always looking for new qualities of them to praise. He is also a tea cups collector that he takes from  all over the world.



This lively Brazilian girl is Chef Karl’s favourite student. Her majestic size doesn’t hold her back taking part to wild dances for which it happens for her to be extremely talented.



Confined to a wheelchair, this little Indian girl is so clever not to be second to anyone. She is the only person able to hold Francois’ own. She is always aware about everything. She knows life and times about flora and fauna of this magnificent place.




He is a very much american athletic guy, he is always in good shape and ready for action. He never leaves his surfboard, even at night it’s his pillow. He doesn’t completely realize what the rest of the group is doing, the reasons why is here  are the sea, the fact there are no teachers around and the a lot of free time!




He is a shy boy from Philippines, a follower of Zen philosophy. He can see tracks of something great in anything he sees. His commitment to nature is almost close to the engagement of a missionary.




He is black, Australian and skinny. His only two aims in life are lounging on the sofa and getting and loosing his sight in front of a computer screen. His two reason for being here are: permanent internet connection and no parents. Even when he’s outdoors he is always online thanks to his glasses-monitor.




Enrico Caroti Ghelli

mobile: +39 3497541020


Ernesto Paganoni

mobile: +39 3483033525



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